How it works

  • Please drive slowly through village lanes following signs and park sensibly on arrival being aware of pedestrians on site.
  • On arrival please collect picking containers (punnets & larger tubs) from sales hut.  These are charged for, please bring tubs back to re-use as an allowance will be made for this.  You may use your own containers but please have them weighed before.
  • Fruit availability & prices are on display by the sales hut.
  • Different fruits are different prices so please pick into separate containers.
  • NO EATING OF FRUIT until it is paid for.  Please respect that this is our business.  You may ‘sample’ fruit but we do not allow anyone to purposefully wander round eating.
  • ALL picked fruit must be paid for.  Please supervise children at all times and make sure that they only pick as much as you require.
  • After picking please return to sales hut to have fruit weighed and pay for it.  Payment by CARD is preferred but we will accept cash.  Jam, Honey & Local Ice Cream is also available to purchase.

Please observe the following

  • When picking please be gentle with the plants to avoid damage to ripening fruit.  Only pick fruit that is ripe, please make sure children understand.
  • We advise you to wash fruit carefully before eating.
  • Please be courteous to staff and other customers at all times.  We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask anyone to leave who does not behave in an appropriate manner.
  • No picnics in fruit areas, please do not sit on grass in fruit areas with fruit that has not been paid for.
  • Please wear sunscreen if it is hot & make sure you have any necessary medication if you suffer from allergies.
  • Please place litter in bins provided or take it home with you.